Helping Artists

Over the last few years, we have been involved in various projects that advise or directly aid artists in our area, largely Franklin County, MA.

Some specific projects are:

  1. Fostering art and culture project:
  2. Creative Economy Summit: 
  3. Where are local artist events:
  4. Local map of artists (based on Creative Ground)

We are working on other projects, if you are interested as an artist or in helping, please contact us

Dia de los Muertos Tarot in production

As of Aug 1st, 2015 we have Tarot decks and greeting cards in stock, and our ‘print on demand’ shop is open.

See and shop at:

Our Mission

Thrives Media – also know as A Wee Bit of Culture (or AWBOC)

The Thrives Media (formally Thrives Publishing or GreenComm) mission is to facilitate on-line, communications, and/or Internet services for groups and individuals engaged in locally-oriented, green, sustainable or other missions as determined by the directors. This includes providing services, arranging for services and training in the use of these services.

Check out the ‘Our Services’ page for more information.